elevate.io upgrades - April 2024

elevate.io upgrades - April 2024

Apr 30, 2024


We're thrilled to let you know that elevate.io has been upgraded, bringing you a host of exciting features and improvements! The best part? These updates seamlessly happen in the background, requiring no action from your end. Now, you can focus on your content creation, knowing that we've got you covered. So, what's new with our latest update?

Keyboard shortcuts

Access elevate.io's keyboard shortcuts effortlessly through the new help menu within the editor. Plus, find quick access to our handy Getting started guides.

Improved trackpad control

Experience smoother and more effective trackpad control. Panning now locks to the direction you're moving in, enhancing your editing precision.

Enhanced performance for large projects

Enjoy faster loading times and smoother timeline navigation, even with projects containing a large number of clips.

Forward and backward select

Need to make adjustments or reorganise your edit? Say hello to forward and backward select!

This feature allows you to create space within your edit or rearrange sections seamlessly, without relying solely on the marquee tool. Curious to find out more? Dive into our video guide for a closer look.


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